So, it is now beginning of spring 2015. It’s been almost two years since Uber made its move into Metro Detroit and it is here to stay. But how did its arrival impact the transportation situation at the DTW airport? Well, quite a bit... Our team at Motor City Limousine decided to look into the situation a little closer.
Today you can almost always get a car at the airport by requesting an Uber. And it offers several convenient service options that you can chose from – different sizes and prices to suit your needs and budget. So why would anyone still want to get a prearrange car service? We see several reasons:
1. Consistency. With a reputable company you always get a good car, a good driver and a reliable service. With Uber it might be hit and miss. One time you can get a new Lincoln MKT with a great professional driver who knows his ways around, next time you get a beat-up Town Car with a guy struggling to use a GPS. Are you willing to take that risk while traveling on a tight schedule?
2. Price. Uber is more expensive when it comes to Black Cars or SUVs. All other Uber options are cheaper but unfortunately illegal to operate at our local DTW airport. Motor City Limousine all-in price for a trip to Detroit downtown will be $76 (tip and parking included). With Uber you should expect paying a minimum of $90. And don’t forget the tip or potential surge pricing.
3. Reliability. We mentioned before that you can almost always get an Uber car service at the DTW airport. Almost… Unless it is very late, early, a big event or bad weather. And this can only result in a frustration or a missed appointment, or an important meeting.
To summarize – as much as Uber is a great new word in airport car service and a hard-to-beat on-demand transportation provider, prearranged transportation companies offer a more reliable, consistent service at competitive prices. Since Uber entered the market we were not only able to grow our fleet but also dramatically increase the number of prearranged trips from and to the DTW airport – service and price do matter after all. Motor City Limousine is still a proud and long-standing Uber partner, however we specialize in providing top-notch prearranged airport car service at DTW and would be happy to show you the difference.

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