In 2011, the last Lincoln Town Car rolled off the assembly line in Canada. When Ford Motor Company headquarters pulled the plug, it wasn’t really a big surprise for the American auto industry. On one hand, the Town Car and the whole Lincoln brand were for many years losing market to their highly innovative and creative competitors such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus etc. And even Cadillac. On the other hand, regular consumers of this vehicle were aging and getting a younger buyer in a showroom became an impossible mission.

However, here is another perspective, the one of livery companies. These guys, including those providing Detroit airport transportation services (as Motor City Limousine does), lost their (our) number one car in the fleet. For more than three decades this vehicle was the beloved child of all airport transportation providers. Yes, they are still in use, but those are the last ones and no more are coming. Or are they?

Ford-Lincoln announced that the new crossover Lincoln MKT is the official replacement for the retiring Town Car. Now guess what its livery edition is called? Yes, Lincoln MKT Town Car. Why so? Probably more as a tradition or to show some respect to the veteran. Or, maybe, to create greater interest for this vehicle among livery service providers, including those working in the Detroit airport transportation business. The truth is, Lincoln was struggling with creating higher acceptance for the MKT in our business. In reality, the Lincoln MKT Town Car and its grandfather Lincoln Town Car Executive L (last one was the ultimate livery edition of the discontinued model), are barely related. Except for the brand name. Despite the controversial design which was rejected by many companies, Lincoln MKT is here to stay. Today it is probably the largest and most technically advanced livery vehicle in its segment with prices more competitive vs. its foreign analogues. The last question is whether the new Lincoln will just be as reliable as its predecessor? Old Town Cars could easily go for 300 thousand miles without major repairs. Well, time will show.

Detroit airport transportation MKT & Town Car
It’s like in a movie, when you think that it is all over and the hero dies a heroic death… In the very last moment, right before the credits… You catch a glimpse of him reaching over the edge of the cliff and pulling himself up! Well, in our case, that last scene would be the front end of the new MKT Town Car showing up. Detroit Airport Transportation companies like Motor City Limousine hope there is a sequel to this story!

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