It is this time of the year when kids are dreaming about their big day and their parents are losing sleep over preparation for the prom, budgets and about their children’s safety.

Our team at Motor City Limousine would like to share a few tips on how to make sure your child’s important day is not ruined by a limousine service:

  1. Make sure to check service provider’s credible reviews on Yelp and Google. Not the self-claimed customer quotes on the limousine service website
  2. Read your contract carefully and make sure you have it all covered. Beware of contracts where a limousine service is responsible for nothing
  3. Choose the right vehicle for your group size and budget. You do not necessarily need a stretch for just two people. Sometimes two people are more comfortable in a premium sedan and their parents are happier with the price
  4. Listen to your heart. If you have a grumpy person answering the phone, what would prevent them from sending a similarly grumpy driver? If it doesn’t feel right, most likely it won’t be

We wish everyone to be safe and make great memories at their proms!


Fine print: if you see this that means you can get 10% off of any limousine service in April. Just mention “April prom”. This offer is valid only till 02/30/17

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