When you travel to a large city like Detroit it is important to have transportation prompt, and ready when your plane lands. With so many people arriving at DTW on a daily basis there are a variety of transportation needs. Whether you are on a business trip or just exploring the landmarks of our beautiful city, everyone must acquire transportation to hotels, business meetings, and sightseeing destinations. Anton and Constantine came up with a plan to start a luxury Detroit Limousine and town car service. This blossoming business fills the acute need for transportation that is on time and ready to go, and is aware of the difficulties that hailing a cab can pose on travelers with time sensitive destinations, when there are so many others looking for transportation as well. After some deliberation and development of a business plan that kept the needs of their clients in mind they formed Motor City Limousine.

Detroit limousine

To ensure a luxury feel the vehicles at Motor City limousine are all kept in great condition and cleaned regularly. We live in a world where we all appreciate being connected. Each vehicle is equipped with WiFi access and Ipads to ensure that there is full access to technology. If you are on a business trip and need to check their email, start a video conference on the way to your hotel, or you are a traveler who wants access your social media outlets to let family and friends know you have arrived safely, this can be done without worry or having to dig through your baggage to access your own computer. Motor City Limousine will also provide snacks and beverages of your choosing within reason; just tell the driver what you would like at the beginning of your trip.

The most important part of creating a luxury feel when being picked up and transported to your destination by a Detroit Limousine is the chauffeur /driver. At Motor City Limousine, only the best and most experienced drivers are chosen to be a part of the team. All drivers are attentive to the unique needs of each passenger are put through background checks and extensive interviews to ensure that you are being transported with an elite level of safety. We look forward to providing you with a luxury Detroit limousine ride unlike any you have ever experienced before!&

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