Extra per hour

2 hr3 hr4 hr5 hr6 hr7 hr8 hr9 hr10 hr
Sunday -
SedanExtra per hour$60$58$56$54$51$49$49$49$46
4 PAXMinimum$120$174$224$270$306$343$392$441$460
SUVExtra per hour$71$67$65$62$59$59$59$59$55
6 PAXMinimum$142$201$260$310$354$413$472$531$550
Basic StretchExtra per hour$90$85$80$76$71$68$67$67
10 PAXMinimum$270$338$400$456$499$542$606$670
Premium StretchExtra per hour$107$97$90$84$78$74$73$72
10 PAXMinimum$320$388$450$506$549$592$656$720
Stretch SUVExtra per hour$130$115$104$96$88$83$81$79
15 PAXMinimum$390$458$520$576$619$662$726$790
Sprinter LimoExtra per hour$130$115$104$96$88$83$81$79
13 PAXMinimum$390$458$520$576$619$662$726$790
SedanExtra per hour$64$62$60$58$56$54$54$54$50
4 PAXMinimum$128$186$240$290$336$378$432$486$500
SUVExtra per hour$75$72$68$65$62$62$62$62$58
6 PAXMinimum$150$216$272$325$372$434$496$558$580
Basic StretchExtra per hour$93$91$89$87$85$83$80
10 PAXMinimum$372$455$534$609$680$747$800
Premium StretchExtra per hour$109$102$97$92$88$85$81
10 PAXMinimum$437$510$579$644$705$762$805
Stretch SUVExtra per hour$133$121$112$106$100$95$93
15 PAXMinimum$532$605$674$739$800$857$930
Sprinter LimoExtra per hour$133$121$112$106$100$95$93
13 PAXMinimum$532$605$674$739$800$857$930

1. Additional fuel charge might apply to trips with a pick-up location greater than 30 miles away from Livonia or itineraries that require extended amount of driving.
2. Basic stretch 10-passenger limousine is a black Chrysler 300 or a white Cadillac DTS.
3. Premium stretch 10-passenger limousine is a white Chrysler 300 of the latest generation.
4. Stretch SUV is a 15-passenger white Chevrolet Suburban.
5. Sprinter Limo is a 13 passenger Mercedes Sprinter.

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Point-to-point rates

    Vehicle Type:

* Minimum trip fare for Sedan is $55, $70 for SUV, and $80 for Executive Van. Further charges and discounts may apply.
** Total number of passengers cannot exceed the seating capacity of the vehicle as defined by the manufacturer.

Airport transfer rates

Ada, OH281324366
Addison, MI175202228
Adrian, MI117134152
Akron, MI295340384
Akron, OH431496561
Albion, MI177203230
Algonac, MI153176199
Allen, MI219252285
Allen Park, MI475461
Allenton, MI167192217
Alma, MI312359406
Almont, MI154177200
Alvada, OH223256289
Alvordton, OH233268303
Amherst, OH308354401
Angola, IN315362409
Ann Arbor, MI606978
Antwerp, OH312359406
Applegate, MI260299338
Arcadia, OH218251284
Archbold, OH245282319
Arlington, OH255293331
Armada, MI152175198
Ashland, OH331380430
Ashley, MI284326369
Athens, MI270310351
Attica, MI184212239
Attica, OH266306346
Au Gres, MI381438495
Auburn, MI290333377
Auburn Hills, MI105121136
Augusta, MI277319360
Aurora, OH426490554
Avoca, MI197226256
Avon, OH331380430
Avon Lake, OH338389440
Bad Axe, MI306352398
Bancroft, MI219252285
Bannister, MI282325367
Bath, MI220253287
Battle Creek, MI245282319
Bay City, MI280322364
Bay Port, MI330379428
Bay Village, Ohio348400452
Beachwood, OH400460520
Beaverdam, OH282325367
Bedford, OH389448506
Belleville, MI475461
Bellevue, MI239274310
Bellevue, OH231266300
Bentley, MI361415469
Berea, OH354407460
Berkey, OH289332376
Berkley, MI627181
Berlin Heights, OH275316357
Birch Run, MI214246278
Birmingham, MI667686
Blissfield, MI132151171
Bloomdale, OH219252285
Bloomfield Hills, MI7890102
Bloomville, OH255293331
Bluffton, OH268308348
Bowling Green, OH178204231
Bradner, OH179205232
Brant, MI259298337
Breckenridge, MI327377426
Brecksville, OH387445504
Briarwood Beach, OH375431487
Bridgeport, MI234269305
Brighton, MI94108122
Britton, MI103118134
Broadview Heights, OH375431487
Bronson, MI285327370
Brook Park, OH360413467
Brooklyn, MI121139157
Brown City, MI213245277
Brunswick, OH376432488
Bryan, OH269309349
Bucyrus, OH338389440
Burbank, OH357411465
Burgoon, OH202233263
Burlington, MI248285323
Burt, MI230265299
Burton, MI187215243
Burton, OH450518586
Butler, IN318365413
Byron, MI157181204
Camden, MI251289327
Canton, MI475461
Capac, MI198228257
Carey, OH240276312
Carleton, MI475461
Caro, MI258297335
Carson City, MI305351396
Carsonville, MI277319360
Casco, MI141162184
Caseville, MI350402455
Cass City, MI275316357
Castalia, OH232267302
Cecil, OH293337381
Cement City, MI165189214
Center Line, MI728293
Ceresco, MI223256289
Chagrin Falls, OH412474536
Chardon, OH449517584
Charlotte, MI215247280
Chelsea, MI91105118
Chesaning, MI243279316
Chesterland, OH424487551
Clarklake, MI156180203
Clarkston, MI117134152
Clarksville, MI304349395
Clawson, MI718192
Clayton, MI146167189
Cleveland, OH378434491
Clifford, MI228262296
Climax, MI260299338
Clinton, MI95110124
Clinton, MI95110124
Clio, MI204235266
Cloverdale, OH307353399
Clyde, OH214246278
Coldwater, MI270310351
Collins, OH278320362
Columbia Station, OH343395447
Columbiaville, MI209240271
Columbus, MI162186210
Columbus Grove, OH281324366
Commerce, MI8194106
Concord, MI171197223
Continental, OH294338383
Corunna, MI221255288
Crestline, OH375431487
Creston, OH377433490
Croswell, MI246283320
Crystal, MI326375424
Curtice, OH139160181
Custar, OH215247280
Cuyahoga Falls, OH418481544
Cygnet, OH198228257
Dansville, MI153176199
Davisburg, MI156180203
Davison, MI195224253
Dearborn, MI475461
Dearborn Heights, MI475461
Decker, MI247284321
Deckerville, MI295340384
Deerfield, MI107123139
Defiance, OH261300339
Deford, MI263303342
Delta, OH189218246
Delton, MI310357403
Deshler, OH242278314
Detroit, MI596877
DeWitt, MI220253287
Dexter, MI8194106
Dimondale, MI208239270
Dola, OH280322364
Dowling, MI277319360
Dryden, MI167192217
Dundee, MI8396108
Dunkirk, OH272313353
Durand, MI208239270
Eagle, MI240276312
East Detroit, MI657585
East Lansing, MI195224253
East Leroy, MI257295334
Eastlake, OH418481544
Eaton Rapids, MI189218246
Ecorse, MI475461
Edgerton, OH303348394
Edmore, MI360413467
Edon, OH297342387
Elkton, MI312359406
Elmore, OH156180203
Elsie, MI240276312
Elwell, MI327377426
Elyria, OH320368416
Emmett, MI173199225
Erie, MI87100113
Essexville, MI289332376
Euclid, OH402463523
Fair Haven, MI138159179
Fairgrove, MI285327370
Farmington, MI617079
Fayette, OH219252285
Fenton, MI148170192
Fenwick, MI324373421
Ferndale, MI657585
Filion, MI321369417
Findlay, OH233268303
Flat Rock, MI475461
Flint, MI165189214
Flushing, MI192220249
Forest, OH285327370
Fort Jennings, OH315362409
Fostoria, OH203234264
Fostoria, MI219252285
Fowler, MI265305345
Fowlerville, MI138159179
Frankenmuth, MI231266300
Franklin, MI657585
Fraser, MI93107121
Freeland, MI281324366
Freeport, MI296341385
Fremont, IN318365413
Fremont, OH193221250
Fulton, MI281324366
Gagetown, MI291335378
Gaines, MI169194220
Galion, OH369425480
Garden City, MI475461
Gates Mills, OH416479541
Geneva, OH484556629
Genoa, OH148170192
Gibsonburg, OH174201227
Goodells, MI208239270
Goodrich, MI171197223
Grafton, OH341393444
Grand Blanc, MI153176199
Grand Ledge, MI228262296
Grand Rapids, OH195224253
Grass Lake, MI116133150
Graytown, OH171197223
Green Springs, OH216249281
Greenwich, OH302347392
Gregory, MI119137154
Grosse Ile, MI515967
Grosse Pointe, MI687989
Hamilton, IN317364412
Hamler, OH249287324
Hamtramck, MI546270
Hanover, MI177203230
Harbor Beach, MI331380430
Harper Woods, MI657585
Harpster, OH324373421
Harrison, MI94108122
Hartland, MI119137154
Haskins, OH171197223
Haslett, MI186214242
Hastings, MI299343388
Hawthorne, MI165189214
Hazel Park, MI677888
Helena, OH189218246
Hemlock, MI284326369
Henderson, MI227261295
Hickory Corners, MI284326369
Hicksville, OH308354401
Highland, MI97112127
Highland Park, MI546270
Hillsdale, MI218251284
Hinckley, OH377433490
Holgate, OH249287324
Holland, OH154177200
Holly, MI124143161
Holt, MI198228257
Homer, MI190219248
Homerville, OH337388438
Hope, MI346397449
Horton, MI165189214
Howell, MI112129146
Hubbardston, MI292336380
Hudson, OH404465526
Hudson, MI177203230
Huntington Woods, MI657585
Huntsburg, OH459528597
Huron, OH259298337
Ida, MI8396108
Imlay City, MI173199225
Independence, OH381438495
Inkster, MI475461
Ionia, MI295340384
Ithaca, MI293337381
Jackson, MI134154174
Jasper, MI169194220
Jeddo, MI225258292
Jenera, OH257295334
Jerome, MI183210238
Jeromesville, OH360413467
Jonesville, MI204235266
Kansas, OH198228257
Kawkawlin, MI296341385
Keego Harbor, MI8194106
Keewahdin, MI197226256
Kelleys Island, OH245282319
Kinde, MI330379428
Kingston, MI247284321
Kochville, MI262301341
La Salle, MI708090
Lagrange, OH322370419
Laingsburg, MI207237268
Lake Odessa, MI278320362
Lake Orion, MI117134152
Lakeside, OH230265299
Lakewood, OH362416470
Lambertville, MI103118134
Lansing, MI183210238
Lapeer, MI173199225
Leipsic, OH257295334
Lennon, MI196225255
Leonard, MI138159179
Leonidas, MI290333377
Leslie, MI168193218
Lexington, MI234269305
Liberty Center, OH212244275
Lincoln Park, MI475461
Linden, MI144166188
Lindsey, OH184212239
Linwood, MI301346391
Litchfield, OH339390441
Litchfield, MI211242274
Livonia, MI546270
Lodi, OH351404456
Lorain, OH318365413
Luckey, OH144166188
Luna Pier, MI8092104
Lyons, OH190219248
Lyons, MI284326369
Macedonia, OH410471533
Macomb, MI117134152
Madison, OH472543613
Madison Heights, MI667686
Malinta, OH397457516
Manchester, MI110127143
Manitou Beach, MI181208235
Mansfield, OH343395447
Maple Heights, OH384442499
Maple Leaf, MI164188213
Marine City, MI159183207
Mark Center, OH293337381
Marlette, MI221255288
Marshall, MI202233263
Martin, OH146167189
Marysville, MI172198224
Mason, MI188217245
Maumee, OH142164185
Maybee, MI606978
Mayville, MI230265299
McClure, OH211242274
McComb, OH231266300
McCutchenville, OH239274310
Medina, OH391449508
Melvin, MI215247280
Melvindale, MI475461
Memphis, MI157181204
Mentor, OH433498563
Merrill, MI295340384
Metamora, MI165189214
Metamora, OH174201227
Michigan Center, MI137158178
Middleton, MI290333377
Midland, MI310357403
Milan, MI718192
Milan, OH259298337
Milford, MI8698111
Millbury, OH401461522
Millington, MI240276312
Minden City, MI320368416
Monclova, OH166191216
Monroe, MI617079
Monroeville, OH249287324
Montgomery, MI255293331
Montpelier, OH271311352
Montrose, MI211242274
Montville, OH471541612
Morenci, MI202233263
Morral, OH337388438
Morrice, MI186214242
Mount Blanchard, OH263303342
Mount Clemens, MI105121136
Mount Cory, OH261300339
Mount Morris, MI196225255
Mount Pleasant, MI357411465
Muir, MI287330373
Mulliken, MI246283320
Munger, MI274315356
Munith, MI128148167
Napoleon, OH228262296
Nashville, MI251289327
Nevada, OH320368416
New Baltimore, MI126145164
New Bavaria, OH261300339
New Boston, MI475461
New Haven, MI122140159
New Haven Center, MI308354401
New Hudson, MI748596
New London, OH297342387
New Lothrop, MI221255288
New Riegel, OH226260294
New Washington, OH285327370
Newbury Center, OH427491555
Ney, OH282325367
North Adams, MI198228257
North Baltimore, OH209240271
North Branch, MI220253287
North Fairfield, OH285327370
North Olmsted, OH233268303
North Ridgeville, OH331380430
North Royalton, OH369425480
Northfield, OH403464524
Northville, MI566472
Northwood, OH127146166
Norwalk, OH268308348
Nova, OH316363410
Novelty, OH428492556
Novi, MI627181
Oak Harbor, OH181208235
Oak Park, MI566472
Oakley, MI233268303
Oakwood, OH483555627
Oberlin, OH317364412
Okemos, MI187215243
Olivet, MI227261295
Olmstead Falls, OH342394445
Onondaga, MI172198224
Onsted, MI117134152
Orchard Lake, MI7991103
Oregon, OH121139157
Orland, IN333383433
Ortonville, MI159183207
Osseo, MI220253287
Otisville, MI221255288
Ottawa, OH274315356
Ottawa Lake, MI127146166
Otter Lake, MI236272307
Ovid, MI226260294
Owendale, MI307353399
Owosso, MI210241273
Oxford, MI136156177
Painesville, OH445512579
Palms, MI315362409
Palmyra, MI143165186
Pandora, OH269309349
Parma, MI157181204
Paulding, OH303348394
Peck, MI221255288
Pemberville, OH167192217
Peninsula, OH396455515
Perrinton, MI286329371
Perry, OH396455515
Perry, MI179205232
Perrysburg, OH148170192
Petersburg, MI97112127
Pewamo, MI278320362
Pigeon, MI324373421
Pinckney, MI106122138
Pinconning, MI317364412
Pioneer, OH234269305
Pittsford, MI211242274
Pleasant Lake, MI141162184
Pleasant Lake, IN326375424
Pleasant Ridge, MI718192
Plymouth, MI515967
Plymouth, OH295340384
Polk, OH339390441
Pontiac, MI94108122
Port Austin, MI346397449
Port Clinton, OH200230260
Port Hope, MI348400452
Port Huron, MI184212239
Port Sanilac, MI261300339
Portage, OH184212239
Portland, MI258297335
Potterville, MI226260294
Put-in-Bay, OH235271306
Quincy, MI233268303
Rawson, OH251289327
Ray Center, MI141162184
Reading, MI236272307
Redford, MI546270
Reese, MI255293331
Republic, OH243279316
Rhodes, MI345396448
Richfield, OH385443501
Richmond, MI143165186
Riga, MI129149168
Risingsun, OH186214242
Rittman, OH391449508
River Rouge, MI475461
Riverview, MI475461
Rives Junction, MI157181204
Rochester, MI101116131
Rockwood, MI475461
Rocky River, OH352405458
Romeo, MI104119135
Romulus, MI475461
Roseville, MI7991103
Rossford, OH134154174
Royal Oak, MI657585
Rudolph, OH192220249
Ruth, MI324373421
Saginaw, MI242278314
Saint Charles, MI260299338
Saint Clair, MI141162184
Saint Clair Shores, MI758697
Saint Johns, MI244281317
Saint Louis, MI312359406
Saline, MI718192
Sand Creek, MI172198224
Sandusky, OH238273309
Sandusky, MI247284321
Sanford, MI334384434
Saranac, MI303348394
Sebewaing, MI305351396
Seville, OH377433490
Sheffield Lake, OH328378427
Shelby, OH315362409
Shepherd, MI336386437
Sheridan, MI333383433
Sherwood, MI284326369
Sherwood, OH284326369
Shiloh, MI317364412
Shiloh, OH352405458
Silverwood, MI232267302
Smiths Creek, MI174201227
Snover, MI257295334
Solon, OH403464524
South Lyon, MI8698111
South Rockwood, MI475461
Southfield, MI546270
Southgate, MI475461
Spencer, OH339390441
Spring Arbor, MI154177200
Springport, MI186214242
Standish, MI348400452
Stanton, MI348400452
Sterling Heights, MI91105118
Stockbridge, MI122140159
Stony Creek, MI475461
Stow, OH418481544
Streetsboro, OH415477540
Strongsville, OH361415469
Stryker, OH248285323
Sullivan, OH326375424
Sunfield, MI259298337
Swanton, OH177203230
Swartz Creek, MI181208235
Sycamore, OH257295334
Sylvania, OH138159179
Taylor, MI475461
Tecumseh, MI117134152
Tekonsha, MI216249281
Temperance, MI92106120
Thompson, OH490564637
Tiffin, OH231266300
Tipton, MI104119135
Tiro, OH314361408
Toledo, OH108124140
Trenton, MI475461
Troy, MI7789100
Twinsburg, OH413475537
Ubly, MI303348394
Union City, MI258297335
Unionville, MI291335378
Upper Sandusky, OH299343388
Utica, MI104119135
Valley City, OH345396448
Van Buren, OH214246278
Vanlue, OH261300339
Vassar, MI257295334
Vermilion, OH284326369
Vermontville, MI247284321
Vestaburg, MI343395447
Vickery, OH218251284
Wadhams, MI188217245
Wadsworth, OH393452510
Wakeman, OH289332376
Walbridge, OH132151171
Waldron, MI226260294
Walled Lake, MI718192
Warren, MI718192
Washington, MI125144163
Waterford, MI89102115
Waterville, OH171197223
Wauseon, OH214246278
Wayne, MI475461
Wayne, OH185213241
Webberville, MI155178202
Wellington, OH316363410
West Bloomfield Township, MI7890102
West Salem, OH346397449
West Unity, OH243279316
Westlake, OH348400452
Westland, MI475461
Weston, OH204235266
Westphalia, MI259298337
Wharton, OH279321363
White Lake, MI103118134
Whitehouse, OH178204231
Whitmore Lake, MI8698111
Whittaker, MI475461
Wickliffe, OH415477540
Willard, OH282325367
Williamston, MI165189214
Willoughby, OH421484547
Windsor, ON8092104
Wixom, MI738495
Woodland, MI277319360
Woodville, OH159183207
Wyandotte, MI475461
Yale, MI199229259
Ypsilanti, MI475461

Traveling far? No problem!
We have flexible rates for travelers who need to go more than 100 miles from DTW airport.
Simply call our 24/7 dispatcher number for special long-distance pricing.

For your final personal price please consider the following:

  • Minimum transfer charge for sedan $55, crossover $60, SUV $70
  • Seat charge for any additional passenger*** – FREE
  • Late Hour Charge (12:00am till 5:00am) – FREE
  • Child car seat or booster – FREE. For liability purposes passengers must install child seat or booster by themselves
  • Waiting Charge – per 15 minutes: sedan $12, crossover $14, SUV $16. First 15 min are free
  • Stopover Charge - maximum 15 minutes and no more than 3 miles deviation from the main route: sedan $12, crossover $14, SUV $16
  • Total number of passengers cannot exceed the seating capacity of the vehicle as defined by the manufacturer.