Hourly rates

2 hr3 hr4 hr5 hr6 hr7 hr8 hr9 hr10 hr
Sunday -
SedanPer hour$56$54$52$50$48$46$46$46$46
4 PAXTotal$112$162$208$250$288$322$368$414$460
SUVPer hour$66$63$61$58$55$55$55$55$55
6 PAXTotal$132$189$244$290$330$385$440$495$550
Exec VanPer hour$75$72$69$66$63$60$60$60$60
8 PAXTotal$150$216$276$330$378$420$480$540$600
StretchPer hour$72$69$66$63$60$60$60$60
10 PAXTotal$216$276$330$378$420$480$540$600
SedanPer hour$60$58$56$54$52$50$50$50$50
4 PAXTotal$120$174$224$270$312$350$400$450$500
SUVPer hour$70$67$64$61$58$58$58$58$58
6 PAXTotal$140$201$256$305$348$406$464$522$580
Exec VanPer hour$82$80$78$76$74$72$70$70$70
8 PAXTotal$164$240$312$380$444$504$560$630$700
StretchPer hour$80$78$76$74$72$70$70$70
10 PAXTotal$240$312$380$444$504$560$630$700

**All rates include gratuity.
** Depending on the destination, additional fuel charge might apply
*** 10 passenger stretch limousine price applies to the black Chrysler 300 limousine. For extra $75 Saturdays and $50 for all other days you can upgrade it to a white Chrysler 300 latest generation limousine or Cadillac DTS.
**** 15 passenger Chevrolet Suburban limousine is extra $150 on Saturdays and $100 for all other days compared to any pricing for 10 passenger black Chrysler 300 limousine

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Point-to-point rates

    Vehicle Type:

* Minimum trip fare for Sedan is $50, $65 for SUV, and $80 for Executive Van. Further charges and discounts may apply.
** Total number of passengers cannot exceed the seating capacity of the vehicle as defined by the manufacturer.

Airport transfer rates

DestinationSedan rateSUV rateExecutive VAN rate
Ada, OH$263$342$421
Addison, MI$164$213$262
Adrian, MI$109$142$174
Akron, MI$276$359$442
Akron, OH$403$524$645
Albion, MI$165$215$264
Algonac, MI$143$186$229
Allen Park, MI$44$57$70
Allen, MI$205$266$328
Allenton, MI$156$204$250
Alma, MI$292$380$467
Almont, MI$144$187$230
Alvada, OH$208$271$333
Alvordton, OH$218$283$349
Amherst, OH$288$375$461
Angola, IN$294$382$470
Ann Arbor, MI$56$73$90
Antwerp, OH$292$380$467
Applegate, MI$243$316$389
Arcadia, OH$204$265$326
Archbold, OH$229$297$366
Arlington, OH$238$309$381
Armada, MI$142$185$227
Ashland, OH$309$402$494
Ashley, MI$265$344$424
Athens, MI$252$328$403
Attica, MI$172$223$275
Attica, OH$249$323$398
Au Gres, MI$356$463$570
Auburn Hills, MI$98$128$157
Auburn, MI$271$352$434
Augusta, MI$259$337$414
Aurora, OH$398$518$637
Avoca, MI$184$239$294
Avon Lake, OH$316$410$506
Avon, OH$309$402$494
Bad Axe, MI$286$372$458
Bancroft, MI$205$266$328
Bannister, MI$264$343$422
Bath, MI$206$267$330
Battle Creek, MI$229$297$366
Bay City, MI$262$340$419
Bay Port, MI$308$400$493
Bay Village, Ohio$325$422$520
Beachwood, OH$374$486$598
Beaverdam, OH$264$343$422
Bedford, OH$364$473$582
Belleville, MI$44$57$70
Bellevue, MI$223$290$357
Bellevue, OH$216$281$346
Bentley, MI$337$438$539
Berea, OH$331$430$530
Berkey, OH$270$351$432
Berkley, MI$58$76$93
Berlin Heights, OH$257$334$411
Birch Run, MI$200$261$320
Birmingham, MI$62$80$99
Blissfield, MI$123$161$197
Bloomdale, OH$205$266$328
Bloomfield Hills, MI$73$95$117
Bloomville, OH$238$309$381
Bluffton, OH$250$325$400
Bowling Green, OH$166$216$266
Bradner, OH$167$218$267
Brant, MI$242$315$387
Breckenridge, MI$306$397$490
Brecksville, OH$362$471$579
Briarwood Beach, OH$350$454$560
Bridgeport, MI$219$285$350
Brighton, MI$88$114$141
Britton, MI$96$124$154
Broadview Heights, OH$350$454$560
Bronson, MI$266$347$426
Brook Park, OH$336$437$538
Brooklyn, MI$113$147$181
Brown City, MI$199$259$318
Brunswick, OH$351$457$562
Bryan, OH$251$326$402
Bucyrus, OH$316$410$506
Burbank, OH$334$435$534
Burgoon, OH$189$246$302
Burlington, MI$232$301$371
Burt, MI$215$279$344
Burton, MI$175$228$280
Burton, OH$421$548$674
Butler, IN$297$386$475
Byron, MI$147$191$235
Camden, MI$235$306$376
Canton, MI$44$57$70
Capac, MI$185$240$296
Carey, OH$224$292$358
Carleton, MI$44$57$70
Caro, MI$241$314$386
Carson City, MI$285$371$456
Carsonville, MI$259$337$414
Casco, MI$132$172$211
Caseville, MI$327$425$523
Cass City, MI$257$334$411
Castalia, OH$217$282$347
Cecil, OH$274$356$438
Cement City, MI$154$200$246
Center Line, MI$67$87$107
Ceresco, MI$208$271$333
Chagrin Falls, OH$385$501$616
Chardon, OH$420$547$672
Charlotte, MI$201$262$322
Chelsea, MI$85$110$136
Chesaning, MI$227$295$363
Chesterland, OH$396$515$634
Clarklake, MI$146$190$234
Clarkston, MI$109$142$174
Clarksville, MI$284$369$454
Clawson, MI$66$86$106
Clayton, MI$136$177$218
Cleveland, OH$353$459$565
Clifford, MI$213$277$341
Climax, MI$243$316$389
Clinton, MI$89$116$142
Clinton, MI$89$116$142
Clio, MI$191$249$306
Cloverdale, OH$287$373$459
Clyde, OH$200$261$320
Coldwater, MI$252$328$403
Collins, OH$260$338$416
Columbia Station, OH$321$418$514
Columbiaville, MI$195$253$312
Columbus Grove, OH$263$342$421
Columbus, MI$151$196$242
Commerce, MI$76$99$122
Concord, MI$160$208$256
Continental, OH$275$358$440
Corunna, MI$207$268$331
Crestline, OH$350$454$560
Creston, OH$352$458$563
Croswell, MI$230$299$368
Crystal, MI$305$396$488
Curtice, OH$130$168$208
Custar, OH$201$262$322
Cuyahoga Falls, OH$391$508$626
Cygnet, OH$185$240$296
Dansville, MI$143$186$229
Davisburg, MI$146$190$234
Davison, MI$182$237$291
Dearborn Heights, MI$44$57$70
Dearborn, MI$44$57$70
Decker, MI$231$300$370
Deckerville, MI$276$359$442
Deerfield, MI$100$130$160
Defiance, OH$244$318$390
Deford, MI$246$320$394
Delta, OH$177$230$283
Delton, MI$290$377$464
Deshler, OH$226$294$362
Detroit, MI$55$72$88
DeWitt, MI$206$267$330
Dexter, MI$76$99$122
Dimondale, MI$194$252$310
Dola, OH$262$340$419
Dowling, MI$259$337$414
Dryden, MI$156$204$250
Dundee, MI$78$101$125
Dunkirk, OH$254$330$406
Durand, MI$194$252$310
Eagle, MI$224$292$358
East Detroit, MI$61$79$98
East Lansing, MI$182$237$291
East Leroy, MI$240$311$384
Eastlake, OH$391$508$626
Eaton Rapids, MI$177$230$283
Ecorse, MI$44$57$70
Edgerton, OH$283$367$453
Edmore, MI$336$437$538
Edon, OH$278$362$445
Elkton, MI$292$380$467
Elmore, OH$146$190$234
Elsie, MI$224$292$358
Elwell, MI$306$397$490
Elyria, OH$299$389$478
Emmett, MI$162$210$259
Erie, MI$81$106$130
Essexville, MI$270$351$432
Euclid, OH$376$490$602
Fair Haven, MI$129$167$206
Fairgrove, MI$266$347$426
Farmington, MI$57$75$91
Fayette, OH$205$266$328
Fenton, MI$138$179$221
Fenwick, MI$303$394$485
Ferndale, MI$61$79$98
Filion, MI$300$391$480
Findlay, OH$218$283$349
Flat Rock, MI$44$57$70
Flint, MI$154$200$246
Flushing, MI$179$233$286
Forest, OH$266$347$426
Fort Jennings, OH$294$382$470
Fostoria, MI$205$266$328
Fostoria, OH$190$248$304
Fowler, MI$248$322$397
Fowlerville, MI$129$167$206
Frankenmuth, MI$216$281$346
Franklin, MI$61$79$98
Fraser, MI$87$113$139
Freeland, MI$263$342$421
Freeport, MI$277$361$443
Fremont, IN$297$386$475
Fremont, OH$180$234$288
Fulton, MI$263$342$421
Gagetown, MI$272$353$435
Gaines, MI$158$206$253
Galion, OH$345$449$552
Garden City, MI$44$57$70
Gates Mills, OH$389$506$622
Geneva, OH$452$587$723
Genoa, OH$138$179$221
Gibsonburg, OH$163$211$261
Goodells, MI$194$252$310
Goodrich, MI$160$208$256
Grafton, OH$319$415$510
Grand Blanc, MI$143$186$229
Grand Ledge, MI$213$277$341
Grand Rapids, MI$341$443$546
Grand Rapids, OH$182$237$291
Grass Lake, MI$108$140$173
Graytown, OH$160$208$256
Green Springs, OH$202$263$323
Greenwich, OH$282$366$451
Gregory, MI$111$144$178
Gross Point Farms, MI$64$83$102
Gross Point Woods, MI$64$83$102
Grosse Ile, MI$48$63$77
Grosse Pointe, MI$64$83$102
Hamilton, IN$296$385$474
Hamler, OH$233$304$373
Hamtramck, MI$50$65$80
Hanover, MI$165$215$264
Harbor Beach, MI$309$402$494
Harper Woods, MI$61$79$98
Harpster, OH$303$394$485
Harrison, MI$88$114$141
Hartland, MI$111$144$178
Haskins, OH$160$208$256
Haslett, MI$174$226$278
Hastings, MI$279$363$446
Hawthorne, MI$154$200$246
Hazel Park, MI$63$81$101
Helena, OH$177$230$283
Hemlock, MI$265$344$424
Henderson, MI$212$276$339
Hickory Corners, MI$265$344$424
Hicksville, OH$288$375$461
Highland Park, MI$50$65$80
Highland, MI$91$119$146
Hillsdale, MI$204$265$326
Hinckley, OH$352$458$563
Holgate, OH$233$304$373
Holland, OH$144$187$230
Holly, MI$116$151$186
Holt, MI$185$240$296
Homer, MI$178$232$285
Homerville, OH$315$409$504
Hope, MI$323$420$517
Horton, MI$154$200$246
Howell, MI$105$136$168
Hubbardston, MI$273$354$437
Hudson, MI$165$215$264
Hudson, OH$378$492$605
Huntington Woods, MI$61$79$98
Huntsburg, OH$429$558$686
Huron, OH$242$315$387
Ida, MI$78$101$125
Imlay City, MI$162$210$259
Independence, OH$356$463$570
Inkster, MI$44$57$70
Ionia, MI$276$359$442
Ithaca, MI$274$356$438
Jackson, MI$125$163$200
Jasper, MI$158$206$253
Jeddo, MI$210$273$336
Jenera, OH$240$311$384
Jerome, MI$171$222$274
Jeromesville, OH$336$437$538
Jonesville, MI$191$249$306
Kansas, OH$185$240$296
Kawkawlin, MI$277$361$443
Keego Harbor, MI$76$99$122
Keewahdin, MI$184$239$294
Kelleys Island, OH$229$297$366
Kinde, MI$308$400$493
Kingston, MI$231$300$370
Kochville, MI$245$319$392
La Salle, MI$65$85$104
Lagrange, OH$301$392$482
Laingsburg, MI$193$251$309
Lake Odessa, MI$260$338$416
Lake Orion, MI$109$142$174
Lakeside, OH$215$279$344
Lakewood, OH$338$439$541
Lambertville, MI$96$124$154
Lansing, MI$171$222$274
Lapeer, MI$162$210$259
Leipsic, OH$240$311$384
Lennon, MI$183$238$293
Leonard, MI$129$167$206
Leonidas, MI$271$352$434
Leslie, MI$157$205$251
Lexington, MI$219$285$350
Liberty Center, OH$198$257$317
Lincoln Park, MI$44$57$70
Linden, MI$135$176$216
Lindsey, OH$172$223$275
Linwood, MI$281$365$450
Litchfield, MI$197$256$315
Litchfield, OH$317$411$507
Livonia, MI$50$65$80
Lodi, OH$328$426$525
Lorain, OH$297$386$475
Luckey, OH$135$176$216
Luna Pier, MI$75$97$120
Lyons, MI$265$344$424
Lyons, OH$178$232$285
Macedonia, OH$383$497$613
Macomb, MI$109$142$174
Madison Heights, MI$62$80$99
Madison, OH$441$573$706
Malinta, OH$371$482$594
Manchester, MI$103$134$165
Manitou Beach, MI$169$220$270
Mansfield, OH$321$418$514
Maple Heights, OH$359$466$574
Maple Leaf, MI$153$199$245
Marine City, MI$149$194$238
Mark Center, OH$274$356$438
Marlette, MI$207$268$331
Marshall, MI$189$246$302
Martin, OH$136$177$218
Marysville, MI$161$209$258
Mason, MI$176$229$282
Maumee, OH$133$173$213
Maybee, MI$56$73$90
Mayville, MI$215$279$344
McClure, OH$197$256$315
McComb, OH$216$281$346
McCutchenville, OH$223$290$357
Medina, OH$365$475$584
Melvin, MI$201$262$322
Melvindale, MI$44$57$70
Memphis, MI$147$191$235
Mentor, OH$405$526$648
Merrill, MI$276$359$442
Metamora, MI$154$200$246
Metamora, OH$163$211$261
Michigan Center, MI$128$166$205
Middleton, MI$271$352$434
Midland, MI$290$377$464
Milan, MI$66$86$106
Milan, OH$242$315$387
Milford, MI$80$105$128
Millbury, OH$375$487$600
Millington, MI$224$292$358
Minden City, MI$299$389$478
Monclova, OH$155$201$248
Monroe, MI$57$75$91
Monroeville, OH$233$304$373
Montgomery, MI$238$309$381
Montpelier, OH$253$329$405
Montrose, MI$197$256$315
Montville, OH$440$572$704
Morenci, MI$189$246$302
Morral, OH$315$409$504
Morrice, MI$174$226$278
Mount Blanchard, OH$246$320$394
Mount Clemens, MI$98$128$157
Mount Cory, OH$244$318$390
Mount Morris, MI$183$238$293
Mount Pleasant, MI$334$435$534
Muir, MI$268$349$429
Mulliken, MI$230$299$368
Munger, MI$256$333$410
Munith, MI$120$156$192
Napoleon, OH$213$277$341
Nashville, MI$235$306$376
Nevada, OH$299$389$478
New Baltimore, MI$118$153$189
New Bavaria, OH$244$318$390
New Boston, MI$44$57$70
New Haven Center, MI$288$375$461
New Haven, MI$114$149$182
New Hudson, MI$69$90$110
New London, OH$278$362$445
New Lothrop, MI$207$268$331
New Riegel, OH$211$275$338
New Washington, OH$266$347$426
Newbury Center, OH$399$519$638
Ney, OH$264$343$422
North Adams, MI$185$240$296
North Baltimore, OH$195$253$312
North Branch, MI$206$267$330
North Fairfield, OH$266$347$426
North Olmsted, OH$318$414$509
North Ridgeville, OH$309$402$494
North Royalton, OH$345$449$552
Northfield, OH$377$491$603
Northville, MI$52$67$83
Northwood, OH$119$154$190
Norwalk, OH$250$325$400
Nova, OH$295$383$472
Novelty, OH$400$520$640
Novi, MI$58$76$93
Oak Harbor, OH$169$220$270
Oak Park, MI$52$67$83
Oakley, MI$218$283$349
Oakwood, OH$451$586$722
Oberlin, OH$296$385$474
Okemos, MI$175$228$280
Olivet, MI$212$276$339
Olmstead Falls, OH$320$416$512
Onondaga, MI$161$209$258
Onsted, MI$109$142$174
Orchard Lake, MI$74$96$118
Oregon, OH$113$147$181
Orland, IN$311$405$498
Ortonville, MI$149$194$238
Osseo, MI$206$267$330
Otisville, MI$207$268$331
Ottawa Lake, MI$119$154$190
Ottawa, OH$256$333$410
Otter Lake, MI$221$287$354
Ovid, MI$211$275$338
Owendale, MI$287$373$459
Owosso, MI$196$254$314
Oxford, MI$127$165$203
Painesville, OH$416$540$666
Palms, MI$294$382$470
Palmyra, MI$134$175$214
Pandora, OH$251$326$402
Parma, MI$147$191$235
Paulding, OH$283$367$453
Peck, MI$207$268$331
Pemberville, OH$156$204$250
Peninsula, OH$370$481$592
Perrinton, MI$267$348$427
Perry, MI$167$218$267
Perry, OH$370$481$592
Perrysburg, OH$138$179$221
Petersburg, MI$91$119$146
Pewamo, MI$260$338$416
Pigeon, MI$303$394$485
Pinckney, MI$99$129$158
Pinconning, MI$296$385$474
Pioneer, OH$219$285$350
Pittsford, MI$197$256$315
Pleasant Lake, IN$305$396$488
Pleasant Lake, MI$132$172$211
Pleasant Ridge, MI$66$86$106
Plymouth, MI$48$63$77
Plymouth, OH$276$359$442
Polk, OH$317$411$507
Pontiac, MI$88$114$141
Port Austin, MI$323$420$517
Port Clinton, OH$187$243$299
Port Hope, MI$325$422$520
Port Huron, MI$172$223$275
Port Sanilac, MI$244$318$390
Portage, OH$172$223$275
Portland, MI$241$314$386
Potterville, MI$211$275$338
Put-in-Bay, OH$220$286$352
Quincy, MI$218$283$349
Rawson, OH$235$306$376
Ray Center, MI$132$172$211
Reading, MI$221$287$354
Redford, MI$50$65$80
Reese, MI$238$309$381
Republic, OH$227$295$363
Rhodes, MI$322$419$515
Richfield, OH$360$468$576
Richmond, MI$134$175$214
Riga, MI$121$157$194
Risingsun, OH$174$226$278
Rittman, OH$365$475$584
River Rouge, MI$44$57$70
Riverview, MI$44$57$70
Rives Junction, MI$147$191$235
Rochester Hills, MI$94$122$150
Rochester, MI$94$122$150
Rockwood, MI$44$57$70
Rocky River, OH$329$428$526
Romeo, MI$97$125$155
Romulus, MI$44$57$70
Roseville, MI$74$96$118
Rossford, OH$125$163$200
Royal Oak, MI$61$79$98
Rudolph, OH$179$233$286
Ruth, MI$303$394$485
Saginaw, MI$226$294$362
Saint Charles, MI$243$316$389
Saint Clair Shores, MI$70$91$112
Saint Clair, MI$132$172$211
Saint Johns, MI$228$296$365
Saint Louis, MI$292$380$467
Saline, MI$66$86$106
Sand Creek, MI$161$209$258
Sandusky, MI$231$300$370
Sandusky, OH$222$289$355
Sanford, MI$312$406$499
Saranac, MI$283$367$453
Sebewaing, MI$285$371$456
Seville, OH$352$458$563
Sheffield Lake, OH$307$399$491
Shelby, MI$101$131$162
Shelby, OH$294$382$470
Shepherd, MI$314$408$502
Sheridan, MI$311$405$498
Sherwood, MI$265$344$424
Sherwood, OH$265$344$424
Shiloh, MI$296$385$474
Shiloh, OH$329$428$526
Silverwood, MI$217$282$347
Smiths Creek, MI$163$211$261
Snover, MI$240$311$384
Solon, OH$377$491$603
South Lyon, MI$80$105$128
South Rockwood, MI$44$57$70
Southfield, MI$50$65$80
Southgate, MI$44$57$70
Spencer, OH$317$411$507
Spring Arbor, MI$144$187$230
Springport, MI$174$226$278
Standish, MI$325$422$520
Stanton, MI$325$422$520
Sterling Heights, MI$85$110$136
Stockbridge, MI$114$149$182
Stony Creek, MI$44$57$70
Stow, OH$391$508$626
Streetsboro, OH$388$505$621
Strongsville, OH$337$438$539
Stryker, OH$232$301$371
Sullivan, OH$305$396$488
Sunfield, MI$242$315$387
Swanton, OH$165$215$264
Swartz Creek, MI$169$220$270
Sycamore, OH$240$311$384
Sylvania, OH$129$167$206
Taylor, MI$44$57$70
Tecumseh, MI$109$142$174
Tekonsha, MI$202$263$323
Temperance, MI$86$111$138
Thompson, OH$458$595$733
Tiffin, OH$216$281$346
Tipton, MI$97$125$155
Tiro, OH$293$381$469
Toledo, OH$101$132$162
Trenton, MI$44$57$70
Troy, MI$72$94$115
Twinsburg, OH$386$502$618
Ubly, MI$283$367$453
Union City, MI$241$314$386
Unionville, MI$272$353$435
Upper Sandusky, OH$279$363$446
Utica, MI$97$125$155
Valley City, OH$322$419$515
Van Buren, OH$200$261$320
Vanlue, OH$244$318$390
Vassar, MI$240$311$384
Vermilion, OH$265$344$424
Vermontville, MI$231$300$370
Vestaburg, MI$321$418$514
Vickery, OH$204$265$326
Wadhams, MI$176$229$282
Wadsworth, OH$367$477$587
Wakeman, OH$270$351$432
Walbridge, OH$123$161$197
Waldron, MI$211$275$338
Walled Lake, MI$66$86$106
Warren, MI$66$86$106
Washington, MI$117$152$187
Waterford, MI$83$108$133
Waterville, OH$160$208$256
Wauseon, OH$200$261$320
Wayne, MI$44$57$70
Wayne, OH$173$224$277
Webberville, MI$145$189$232
Wellington, OH$295$383$472
West Bloomfield Township, MI$73$95$117
West Salem, OH$323$420$517
West Unity, OH$227$295$363
Westlake, OH$325$422$520
Westland, MI$44$57$70
Weston, OH$191$249$306
Westphalia, MI$242$315$387
Wharton, OH$261$339$418
White Lake, MI$96$124$154
Whitehouse, OH$166$216$266
Whitmore Lake, MI$80$105$128
Whittaker, MI$44$57$70
Wickliffe, OH$388$505$621
Willard, OH$264$343$422
Williamston, MI$154$200$246
Willoughby, OH$393$510$629
Windsor, ON$80$104$128
Wixom, MI$68$89$109
Woodland, MI$259$337$414
Woodville, OH$149$194$238
Wyandotte, MI$44$57$70
Yale, MI$186$242$298
Ypsilanti, MI$44$57$70

For your final personal price please consider the following:

  • Airport Pick-Up Charge - $10.00. This fee is collected by the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
  • Seat charge for any additional passenger*** – FREE
  • Late Hour Charge (12:00am till 5:00am) – FREE
  • Waiting Charge – $10.00 per 15 minutes
  • Stopover Charge - $10.00 for a maximum 15 minute stopover

*** Total number of passengers cannot exceed the seating capacity of the vehicle as defined by the manufacturer.